Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Year End Clearance: Completed Developments

Here are some smaller developments that I have been photographing over the year that can now be put in the 'done' column:

363 Broadway 363 Broadway
The $4m retrofit of 363 Broadway appears to be wrapping up. The 80,000 square feet of bronzed glass has been replaced by something a bit more colourful.

Selkirk Avenue, Winnipeg
Former Oretzky's / Red Apple
Former Red Apple / Oretzky's
Makoosag Intergenetrational Children's Centre, a 52 space daycare, is now open on Selkirk Avenue in the old Oretzky's / Red Apple store.

667 Ellice Avenue
667 Ellice
In late summer Kihiw Iskewock (Eagle Women's) Lodge opened at 667 Ellice Avenue. (For a history of the building.)

Former Scott Block
The old Scott Block on Main Street (also known as the IKON building) was de-fuglified when the 1960s era metal grating was removed to expose this beautiful facade - who knew ! (Photos of the uncovering are here.) It began leasing in the summer and is marketed as 272 Main. (I have a building history to come !)

Abandoned House House on Dorothy Street
Here's a little house on Dorothy Street that I used to pass by every couple of weeks. Each time I expected to see an empty lot in its place. Instead, it got a basic reno and people are living in it again !

Burrows Avenue hydro station Burrows Avenue hydro station
Once upon a time, I believe, this lot at Burrows and Aikins was a fire hall with a small hydro substation behind it. Early last year Hydro began work on a new station and built this this facade around it. It looks like a new elementary school ! The station itself doesn't go online until 2013 and will replace two smaller, 75 year old ones on Charles Avenue and on Alfred Street.

Former Safeway
Former Marina Style Safeway
The final traces of the circa 1964 Marina-style Safeway at Ellice and Wall are now gone. For a history of the building and photos throughout its transformation see this old post. This leaves just one relatively untouched Marina-style store on North Main:

Old-School Marina Style Safeway


Erin said...

If only everything could be de-fuglified!
Any word (or at least rumour) on what's going in to the former Safeway spaces on Ellice? There's been no signs of activity on what was supposed to be a fast food place on the front corner, either, at least that I've noticed.

mrchristian said...

True, I thought things were to get underway on that second pad ASAP.

I drove by the building today and there's no signs or notices about new stores or anything.