Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Amazing Kreskin Returns !

May 27 1972, Winnipeg Free Press

The Amazing Kreskin returns to Winnipeg just months shy of the 40th anniversary of his first appearance ! (He'll be at the West End Cultural Centre Tuesday December 13th.)

I'm old enough to remember when he was quite the fixture on television. I thought Kreskin was Canadian so I took a look back. Turns out he's not but has a Canadian connection.

He was born George Kresge in New Jersey in 1935. In the 1960s he made a name for himself as a 'mentalist' and by the end of the decade was regular guest on numerous U.S. talk shows and TV specials.

It was CJOH TV in Ottawa that produced his self titled television shows from 1971 - 1975 (am I really that old ?!). CJAY (CKY) carried it here on Sunday nights. After that, he was back to guest appearances and TV specials.

April 19 1973, Winnipeg Free Press

In an interview with the Free Press published May 20, 1977 Kreskin said:

"I don't believe in psychic powers. The things I do are inherent in everyone....
Because of our over-reliance on sight and hearing, we have lost a lot of the abilities that primitive people had. I've just been able to harness those abilities."

In 2007 he was interviewed by Strombo.

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