Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Brandon City Council has another leg up

Last month I attended Brandon's city council meeting and noted a few things that made their council meetings a better experience and TV broadcast than what the 1980-era fare that Winnipeg offers.

Permanent cameras located around the chamber allow for head and shoulder shots of anyone who is speaking (including presenters). Presentations (images, Powerpoints etc) can be fed into the live video broadcast. All of this is shown on large screens around the chamber in case you had a bad seat or wanted to see the presentation for yourself.

Outside the chamber, the meetings are broadcast on Westman Cable's access channel, live streamed at their home page and now you can now add video playback !

Yes, Brandon City Council has a Vimeo page where the videos of their council meetings now go, just in case you want to review something or watch at your own time or pace.

Oh, and I learned about this new option through the Mayor's Faacebook page !

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