Friday, 25 November 2011

Airport art update and where's all that old furniture going ?

Airport murals find new homes Winnipeg Free Press Dec 6, 2011

Airport Art

Back in October I blogged about the groovy public art that has graced the Winnipeg's International Airport over the years.

Airport Art

I linked to a January 2010 FreeP article that said the U of M was negotiating to obtain Eli Bornstein's 100' x 40' feet Structural Relief in Fifteen Parts (1962). At the time I emailed both the WAA and U of M about the art to see what the status was.

I got no reply from the WAA but a spokesperson at the U of M said that they are still interested in the piece and are still in negotiations.

Airport Interior

Also, does anyone know what is happening to the furniture etc. from the old terminal ? Someone I know works for a group that was located in the old terminal. Because the new space is already furnished their suites of office furniture were being disposed of. When he inquired where it was off to he was told the dump.

Grain Exchange Curling Club Grain Exchange Curling Club

I hope that's incorrect or an isolated case, and not a much larger version of the Friends of Upper Fort Garry's demo of the Grain Exchange Curling Club with all of the furniture inside. The old terminal must have enough commercial grade office furniture, seating, tables etc. to furnish a hundred non-profit groups around town.

If someone knows what's up, or can find out, please let me know !


Anonymous said...

Typical govt. waste. I want to get a hold of some of that stuff. If you get more info pls keep us readers posted!

Christian Cassidy said...

I will update the post if I hear anything !