Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Remembering the Jermyn Building

Jermyn Block Jermyn Block

The Logan Avenue building that burned to the ground yesterday was the Jermyn Building. Here is a brief look back .....

November 4, 1908, Winnipeg Free Press

The Jermyn was built in 1908, opening in late November. The main floor contained two retail units with five residential suites upstairs.

The first retail tenant was the the Red River Valley Employment Office run by Mrs. M. MacNeil. Focusing mainly on female professions, her office constantly advertised for cleaners, sewers, servants and restaurant help. In 1913 Red River disappeared.

July 3 1942, Winnipeg Free Press

The longest lasting tenant was Swedish Canadian Sales, who opened in 1941 taking up the entire main floor. The specialty tools retailer expanded to other cities in Western Canada and relocated to larger premises in 1960.

Ad circa 1964

The Jermyn then became home to a string of short term, discount retailers including Utility Thrift Shop, and The Clothing Exchange. The last retailer to advertise that address was Freed's Army Surplus from 1969 to the mid 1970s.

Jermyn Block

When the building was razed by fire on October 25, 2011 it was owned by Mitchell Fabrics.


Anonymous said...

You're so wise.

Winnipeg Girl said...

Oh no! That quite likely means the comment I read on one of the news sites was correct and that it was indeed full of vintage 50's-80's fabrics!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHH!

Christian Cassidy said...

You mean Mitchell's basement of vintage fabrics isn't enough for you ?!