Friday, 16 September 2011

Sunday: Spend time down on the farm

Okay, city folk. Want to get up close and personal with where your food comes from ? Try out Manitoba Open Farm Day on Sunday !

This is the second annual event. Forty family farms - from ranches to orchards to dairy farms - are inviting you to come check out how the other half live. Check out the list here, some even feature snacks and demonstrations :)

On a related note, the Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre at the U of M's Glenlea Research Station is now open. The Centre's aim is to teach kids how food gets from the field to their plate.

There's a good story in this month's The Walrus entitled The Farms are not alright. "The growing gap between what they produce and what they earn is driving many farmers off the land. The crisis in Canadian farming."

Come down to the farm Interlake Spectator
Food Farm Discovery Centre opens to public U of M News Release

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