Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Convention Centre: Past and Future

I missed
Kives' July article about the Convention Centre expansion going ahead. I first noticed it in the story over the weekend.

I'm not one of those who subscribe to the theory that convention centres are white elephants. Perhaps in larger markets with a lot of head offices and the like you could question public funding for such a facility given that there are a number of alternatives to serve the existing, in-town customers. In a city of our size, though, I think that the befits of being able to attract 1000 people and up national and international events are a plus for the community.

It will also be nice to finally fill in one of those square blocks of surface parking that have been hanging around downtown since the 1970s.

One feature that I hope goes ahead is the hotel. It would give life to the centre after hours which is one thing that the current Convention Centre does not have in its favour.

This week at
Winnipeg Downtown Places I take a look at the 1970s debate and construction of the original Convention Centre.

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