Sunday, 4 September 2011


A few days ago the Churchill Northern Studies Centre opened their new $20 m, 27,000 sq ft facility.

The Centre is a
non-profit research and education facility created in 1976. They provide some funding but, most importantly, are a logistics and support centre for researchers carrying out their own projects.

Churchill Northern Studies Centre / Former Rocket Range

I had a chance to visit the centre a couple of years ago to see some of that research first-hand. Everything from polar ice patterns to carbon sinks in subarctic soils were being studied. In fact, that year 50 projects involving more than 150 researchers and students from around the world called the centre home.

Churchill Northern Studies Centre / Former Rocket Range

The site is actually the former
Churchill Rocket Range so the buildings were old, weatherbeaten and not well suited for the type of research and educational programming provided there.

The North is receiving more attention today than it has in decades. Climate change, polar bears, natural resource exploration and potential new trade routes have drawn attention to it. It's great to see that some of the research required to protect and support the North is taking place here in Manitoba.

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