Monday, 8 August 2011

A new West End community newspaper

Last year West Central STREETS folded after a fifteen year run. The free community paper was a mix of community news and features on the people and institutions who call the West End home.
Uniquely, the content of the paper was generated by West Enders for West Enders.

In November
I paid homage to the paper and my hope that one day there would be something to replace it and it appears there now is.

Our West Central Times premiered this month. It's a joint venture of two neighbourhood renewal corporations, Spence Neighbourhood Association and the Daniel Mac St. Matthews Community Association. This combination gives it a further reach. Where STREETS' cut off for news and content was Arlington Street the Times extends to Ingersol.

The aim of the Times, as with STREETS, will be to have most of the content generated by West End residents.

Paper versions are being distributed to homes and businesses in the area so keep an eye out. It also appears in an online format.

Speaking of community news .... There's a great website out of Point Douglas called The Point which appears to be based on a community newspaper. The site is a mix of online stories, a community calendar and residents' guide. Every neighbourhood should have one of these !

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