Friday, 26 August 2011

Looking back at downtown buildings

For those that don't get over to my Winnipeg Downtown Places blog often, I've been clearing out a lot of draft posts that have been hanging around behind the scenes.

Convocation Hall

Two building histories are of U of W restoration projects that often get forgotten with all the shiny new buildings opened of late. The stately
Wesley Hall and the Canwest Centre for Theatre and Film, which is the former Salvation Army Citadel on Colony Street.

In the Exchange District I take a look at the
Fairchild Building, now home to Fairchild Lofts and the Campbell Brothers and Wilson Building, now home to Penthouse Condominiums.

Old Signs

Crossing to the east side of Main Street there's
110 James Street, most notable for the fading Philco Radio, Refrigerators and Televisions sign painted on the side.

I am working on a new map for the projects. So some day they'll all be plotted in one place.

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