Sunday, 29 May 2011

Images from Doors Open - Day 2 !

I was light on the Doors Open today but I did make it to a couple of places. (Here's day 1)

First was Balmoral Hall School where Aikins House (Aikins donated it to create a girls school) and the original school gym were on display.

I lived half a block from the gates of the place for ten years and all I ever got were condescending looks from parents lined up down Westminster in their Lexi and BMWs as they waited to pick their kids up so it was finally nice to get to see beyond the padlocks.

The house has been completely restored. They also have an archives and archivist located in one of the rooms should you ever need to do research.

Other places included the Red Road Lodge (former Occidental Hotel). What a neat, eclectic place. All sorts of work areas from restoring antique light fixtures to woodworking to a bike rebuilding shop.

From there it was around the corner to visit The Edge (no, not U2's Edge).

A noon doors open site was the Maryland Building of the Misericordia Hospital which is being readied for demolition.

And to end with another cute animal shot. A bunny at Balmoral Hall !

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