Sunday, 29 May 2011

Images from Doors Open 2011 - Day 1 !

A few sights from day one of Doors Open 2011 ! (Here's Day 2)

Yes, an impromptu brass band marching down Burnell Street ?! Brass band today, U2 tomorrow. Lots of open air music in the West End this weekend !

Sticking with the West End, the former Midland Knitwear / National Upholstery building at
618 Arlington was on show. It's being converted into artists studios ! The first floor is already done.

What a great space ! (I have a building history ready to roll - I will post it next week)

The Granite Curling Club was on display including their plans for the redevelopment of their second floor dining / club area.

I also noticed this - the huge sign from the old Grain Exchange Curling Club on Fort Street has been moved over to The Granite. The Grain X, of course, is to be demolished for the Upper Fort Garry project.

Just south of The Granite there is a little park (Mostyn Park) where you can find shards from Winnipeg's former Dominion Post Office that sat at Main near Garry until about 1960 (
238 Portage replaced it).

Ralph Connor House was just open for Saturday but The Gates is a great place to wander around regardless of the occasion.

And because you should always include a cute animal pic, here's a trio of dogs from Banning Street !

Click here for Day 2 !

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