Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Heritage Reflections (Pt. 2): Heritage Winnipeg Conservation Awards 2011

The 26th Annual Heritage Winnipeg Conservation Awards were handed out on Monday, February 21, 2011. The purpose of the awards are to 'recognize those people dedicated to the protection, restoration and conservation of Winnipeg's built heritage'.

The location was the Manitoba Indigenous Cultural Education Centre (MICEC) at 119 Sutherland (at Euclid). Today it's a resource centre, museum and library with a great selection of videos on resources on the Aboriginal peoples of North America - from histories to biographies to art. The centre's staff noted that it was a library for all peoples and encouraged everyone to come back and check it out. (Books can be checked out).

The building was constructed in 1908 as J.S. Woodsworth's first All People's Mission and continued in service with the United Church until the late 1970s under Bill Blaikie. From then, the MICEC rented it and eventually bought it for $1 and now it has been restored into an incredible space.

There are more pics of the building are below but first ... the envelopes, please !

Commercial Award: Manitoba Indigenous Cultural Education Centre
119 Sutherland Avenue at Euclid (Map)

Accepting the award was Mr. Daniels from the MICEC (left) and Wins Bridgeman, architect

Residential Award: The Parish Hall Lofts
181 Church Avenue at Main Street (Map)

The DPL Group (Dobie Properties) accepted the award for their restoration of St. John's Anglican Parish Hall into The Parish Hall Lofts condominiums.

Commercial Award: Kelly House
88 Adelaide Street (Map)

Kelly House II
Kelly House
Jeff Palmer (left) of CentreVenture and Dudley Thompson of Prairie Architects Ltd. accepted this award for the restoration of Kelly House. (See my series on Kelly House here !)

Congrats to the recipients !

Now, a little more of the MICEC:

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