Thursday, 4 November 2010

Remembering Gerry Gray

I missed this in the paper from a couple of weeks back. Gerry Gray passed away on October 8, 2010.  Gray, one time owner of Blackwoods Beverages and philanthropist, was 80 years old. 

Likely the most noticeable recipients of his generosity are the Gray Academy and the Waddell Fountain in Central Park.

Central Park, Winnipeg

Last year I referred to him as a Central Park hero for stepping up with $1m to refurbish the fountain. A beautiful, yet off-the radar piece of our heritage in what was a written-off part of the city. It is too bad that he isn't able to spend a summer enjoying it.

Philanthropist wasn't flamboyant  Winnipeg Free Press
Philanthropist Gray dies suddenly Jewish Post and News

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