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Lockport's 100th, part two: The creation of Lockport

This is a three part series to commemorate 100 years of the St. Andrews Lock and Dam at Lockport, Manitoba !

Part Two: The Creation of ‘Lockport’

At the start of construction a settlement nicknamed ‘Kelly’s Siding’ sprang up (named for the initial contractor). In June 1902 the name of the post office was changed to ‘Lockport’.

In 1902, 1600 vessels passed through the lock and Lockport became synonymous with summer getaways, canoe trips, sightseeing cruises, afternoon picnics, and fishing excursions. As the automobile increased in popularity, so did Lockport. Amusement rides, outfitters, hot dog stands, dance halls, and ice cream shops flourished.

St. Andrews Lock and Dam Facts

- It is the only lock on the prairies and is 11m deep, 62m long and 13.7m wide.
- The lock fills by gravity so it takes about 20 minutes to ‘lock through’.
- Each curtain is made up of 50 Douglas fir laths, each 4m long and 2m wide.
- It is a National Historic Site and a Canadian Civil Engineering Historic Site.


"As we were passing down this stream , as we came past the church of St. Andrews (and) of Kildonan, I asked myself what would be the astonishment and wonder of the old fur traders of the past … if they were to come here and see this wonderful achievement.”

Sir Wilfred Laurier July 14, 1910

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