Friday, 14 May 2010

Winnipeg's Old Signs

Sargent and Young
I've always loved Winnipeg's old signs. For decades I vowed to photograph as many of them as I could before time, demolition crews and graffiti vandals got to them.
Del's Electric, Princess Street
Three summers ago I signed on for a walking tour of the Exchange, borrowed a beater camera and started documenting them. Some are truly pieces of art.
Old Sign
Old Sign
My most recent find (above) is a complete version of the Wohl's Sheet Metal sign on Selkirk Avenue. For years there was a vinyl banner covering most of it but last weekend I noticed the banner was finally gone !
On May 19th at Cinematheque Kevin Nikkel's 2009 film Our Neon City will be shown. The film takes five classic Winnipeg neon signs from the past and looks at the businesses behind them !
Empty lot
Included in the price of admission are a couple of great local shorts including The McIntyre Block, the building that just had to come down to make way for a rush of development at Portage and Main and is now on its fourth decade as an empty lot !

My Old Signs Album
The Murals of Winnipeg


The Rise and Sprawl said...

I love the four-digit phone number on that tailor shop on Sargent and Langside. I've seen another old telephone number on a sign somewhere in the city, but I can't recall where. Have you seen the Hebrew letters painted on the east side of the (former?) North End Tattoo building on Selkirk Avenue near Arlington?

Christian Cassidy said...

No, I haven't. I will check that out !!