Sunday, 26 July 2009

Nice Construction News From a Prairie Town

Construction projects are usually good news. Construction projects in small town Manitoba are even better.

In February 2006 a trio of people, 2 from Brandon one from Minnedosa, decided to burn down the 106 year-old Minnedosa United Church. The senseless act was a blow for the entire community.

"It is a place that, for 105 years, has had weddings and baptisms, and funerals, and we have many people who are members of our congregation whose families helped build that building", Rev. Shawn Ankenmann told the CBC the day after the fire.

The congregation resumed services in the town's Catholic church and vowed to rebuild. Now, they are ready to roll on the $1.7m project. Completion date is set for Spring 2010.
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Anonymous said...

Minnedosa United CHurch

mrchristian said...

Lol ! Thanks ! Had a blonde moment !