Monday, 27 July 2009

Big Dave McLean From The Bottom Part I

While driving across the prairie today I caught CBC Radio One's Saturday Night Blues. Tonight, they had an in-studio interview with local singer / songwriter Big Dave McLean about the release of his 2008 album 'Acoustic Blues - Got 'Em From The Bottom'.

It was an interesting interview about his life and career. Listening to the selections played I have to say that his voice just gets better with age !

I checked the CBC site but they don't seem to podcast SNB shows, which is too bad - I did find another interview here from CKUA in Edmonton. A review of the album can be found here.

Some interesting tidbits about the new album. McLean wrote 14 of the 19 tracks. The lineup includes his signature song Atlanta Moan and a duet with his 92 year old mother Pearl !

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- CBC Radio 2 Concert on Demand: Big Dave McLean April 2009.
- Big Dave McLean on MySpace

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