Monday, 16 June 2008

Hurrah for public space upgrades

Thank goodness the proposed facelift for the Millennium Library park is finally going ahead. It was built in 1977 and ten years ago was already shabby and crumbling.

Millennium Library Park

The original design was meant to shield the park from the streets around it thus giving an 'oasis' feeling. The result, however, was a place that people felt somewhat unsafe in, especially in the evening.

Millennium Library Park

Considering that the amount set aside for the renovations is about $1.3 m ($700k of the total $2m is to rebuild the roof of the parkade underneath it) means that this first phase of redevelopment will be fairly extensive. I'm interested to see how they marry safety with a peaceful setting. Oh, and if they are going to keep that clock tower I hope they put a clock in it - it's been 30 years !

Market Square

Earlier this year was the announcement of a $3.3m facelift for Old Market Square, $1.2m of that will be city money.

I have to say its nice that the city is spending money and energy on its public spaces after many years of neglect.

Some things on my wish list for some of our larger public spaces:

Memorial Park
Memorial Park: to replace the washrooms, even with port-a-potties. Between the fountain and field area it draws a lot of people in the summer to splash around, play soccer or just sit and sunbathe. It's idiotic to have removed the underground washrooms without a plan to replace them.

Central Park, Downtown Winnipeg

Central Park: Needs some TLC, from landscaping to path repair, benches to lighting. Don't forget, too, the long neglected
Waddell Fountain.

Central Park, Winnipeg

The area has begun to rejuvenate itself through the influx of African immigrants the park is livelier than ever. A better park will bring even more people out which, in turn, wold make the park even safer.


Unknown said...

For Memorial Park: How about installing one of those fancy new self-cleaning publish washrooms that are popping up in other cities (Toronto is getting them very soon)? Sure, it might cost you a quarter or a loonie to use one, but it should prevent the temporary homeless shelter/shooting gallery scenario that caused the province to tear down the old ones.

Christian Cassidy said...

Good idea - I remember seeing a report on those things being tested out. They really need to do something as on the weekend the Bay I guess would be the closest place with a bathroom !