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Monday, 22 May 2023

A new West End Café!


Like many, I was saddened when SCOUT Coffee vacated its home at Portage and Home Street in favour of its Rothesay Street location in late 2022. I'm not a huge coffee shop person, but it is a great amenity that every neighbourhood should have.

I noticed some activity taking place in the space of over the past few weeks and the windows were uncovered on Saturday to reveal another café!

The place is called Cleocatra Café, or Quan Cop Phe. I didn't notice the pun in the name at first and through it was Cleopatra.

It's an eclectic little space with coffees, smoothies, and basic desserts.

Uniquely, it has a cat room at the back. You pay admission and the funds go to a cat rescue. You can even adopt one of the cats. (The room is glassed in, so they're not running around the whole place or anything like that.)

I'm not really a cat person so I didn't pay to go in and check it all out but more information about it was in last week's Free Press Community Review.

Anyhow, a unique little business in the neighbourhood that you might want to pay a visit to!

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