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Wednesday 23 February 2022

West Central Digital History Project

After more than a decade blogging about the history of Winnipeg's West End I have found that old photos of the neighbourhood are hard to come by in city and provincial archives. It's not that these photos don't exist - there are hundreds of them out there -  but they are on peoples' hard drives or tucked away in old family photo albums.

The West Central Digital History Project wants to share your pre-1980 photos of the neighbourhood with residents of the West End. We're also interested in ephemera like calendars, programs and ads from local businesses.

The images and the stories behind them will be shared on a public website for others to see. If your images are not digitised, we can help with that.

Canada Bread bakery, Burnell Street, ca. 1912
Courtesy: R. McInnes Postcard Collection

There are some rules.

1. To start, we'd like to collect photos of the Daniel McIntyre and St. Matthews neighbourhoods, (see this map). In time, we'll spread out to Spence and other part of the West End.

2. We'd like the photos to be pre-1980.

3. The photos need to be your personal property or a similar situation, such as a family photos or from a company or organization archive where the original photographer's identity cannot be confirmed. Please do not take photos from the websites or archive collections of others.

4. You will be invited to tell the story behind the photo or the buildings / people in it.

Orioles Community Club, Burnell Street, ca. 1948
City of Winnipeg Archives, Parks and Rec Photograph collection

How to submit images?

Questions or photos can be submitted by email to christian@mhs.mb.ca. You will be asked to provide the following information about the image and to provide us with a statement that the West Central Digital History Project has your permission to display the image.

Description: (provide as much or as little information as you would like)

These are your photos. The West Central Digital History Project will not use them for commercial purposes. You can request to have them removed at any time.

The West Central Digital History Project has the right to decline to publish photos for any reason, including subject matter and if there are question about its copyright.

This project is sponsored by Daniel McIntyre / St. Matthews Community Association through  a Community Small Grant and the Manitoba Historical Society which has donated space on their website to be the permanent home for the images.

Digitizing parts of the West End's History Winnipeg Free Press / Canstar Review

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