Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Historic Winnipeg Hotel Pub Crawl 2


It's Pledge-O-Rama week at UMFM again !

This time of year we ask our listeners to help support the station and its unique programming. There is great merchandise to be had in exchange for your pledge.

Each year, individual show hosts are encouraged to add something to the schwag bag for those who donate to the station on behalf of their program. Last year, I decided to host an Historic Winnipeg Pub Crawl .
Starting at Union Station, we walked to four old downtown hotels. Along the way I spoke about the history of the area, the hotels themselves, then we wnt inside for a quick drink and to look at some historic photos.

It turned out to be very popular, so I decided that for this year I would offer the Historic Winnipeg Pub Crawl Part II.

For this one, we move further north on Main Street. Starting at the old CPR Depot, we'll visit the Mount Royal, then under the subway to the Sutherland and Northern. Along the way I will talk about Winnipeg's early railways history and significant events along that stretch of Main Street. We'll stop in at the cafeteria at Neechi Foods at the end for a bit to eat.

This tour is FREE to those who pledge at the $40 level to UMFM, you are responsible for your own drinks and food purchases. You are also entitled to the UMFM Friends With Benefits Card, UMFM Frisbee, Transmissions From UMFM 101.5 2015 CD,OR can ask instead for a tax receipt.

The tours are done on a Saturday afternoon starting at 2 pm, so the two dates I am offering are October 31 and November 7. I will work with pledgers to work out alternative dates, if needed.

How to Pledge:

Pledges can be made over the phone (204-474-6610), in person (Room 308, University Centre) or online. You can pay in one lump sum, or you can choose to pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or in whatever other time configuration that works for you, it's just that easy.

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