Tuesday, 13 October 2015

End of the line for the Fortune Block?

Fortune Block

The end of the line for the ca. 1882 Fortune Block appears to be near.

The city is currently in the process of transferring buildings from their old historic buildings inventory to the new List of Historical Resources created under the new heritage bylaw passed last year. Before the transfer is done, they inform the owner of the change and request their input.

This Thursday, October 15, 2015, the Historical Buildings and Resources Committee will be discussing the transfer of three buildings: the Fortune Block, the Merchants Hotel and Canadian Fairbanks-Morse Warehouse.

In his written submission to the committee, building owner George Landis indicated that he prefers that the building no longer have heritage status and that: "...the building is beyond repair and placing and impediment on demolition and redeveloping the site would be economically unfeasible and a disservice to the community.”

How the committee deals with the owner's request will be learned on Thursday at 3 pm at City Hall.


Anonymous said...

maybe fix the typo in the headline

Christian Cassidy said...

Thanks !

Allison said...

Did you hear what happened with this? What a shame to lose this landmark.

Unknown said...

What if Europe handled their heritage buildings the way we have? Would you visit there anymore?
Owners are allowed to neglect buildings for decades then cry they don't have the money to fix them?
Many of these buildings are exceptionally well made. It would take decades of intentional neglect to get them to this point. In Europe they heavily tax such owners and reward responsible ones for their care.
At this rate Winnipeg's history will be entirely lost. These buildings are irreplaceable yet treated with so little respect.
When I look at pictures of Winnipeg from 50 years ago I'm amazed how it truly looked like a city, not the toothless grin of parking lots were mansions once stood. Very very sad. Winnipeg was once a great city. This mentality has ruined it.