Sunday, 3 May 2015

McPhillips Street Pumping Station No. 2

McPhillips Street Pumping Station (2)
Bottom: ca. 1930 Winnipeg Tribune Photo Collection, University of Manitoba Archives

My column in today's Winnipeg Free Press is about the McPhilllips Street Pumping StationNo. 2. next time you're driving by McPhillips Street and Logan Avenue, keep an eye out for it !

Below, I've included some newspaper clippings about the station and you can visit my Flickr photo album of a recent tour !

 Under construction, May 23, 1929, Winnipeg Tribune

Architect's drawing, April 6, 1929, Winnipeg Tribune

April 29, 1933, Winnipeg Tribune

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ROBCAN said...

I'd like to know if this has anything to do with a long-ago demolished structure at the NW corner of Keewatin and Selkirk, and if the McPhillips location replaced it in 1929/31.

In the Henderson Directories between 1913 and 1931 it was called City Well No. 5 and No. 5 City Pumping Station. There was no fixed address, and it was listed on both Keewatin or Selkirk. The 1931 directory added the term "closed" to the entry.

I think it was closed for decades, and was demolished at least 15 to 20 years ago. The structure was brown and resembled a miniature grain elevator and perhaps 2 stories. Now, at that corner, is a metal fenced empty plot with green grass and a few shrubs and trees.