Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Blue Ribbon's lead lined tea packets and other newspaper bits

These are some odds and ends that I clipped from the newspapers recently....

June 13, 1906, Winnipeg Free Press

From the "no wonder they died younger" department, here's a 1906 ad for Blue Ribbon Tea, a product packaged here in Winnipeg. It touts the benefits of their lead wrappers ! 

May 3, 1911, Winnipeg Tribune

The glory days of rail travel are long over but Thunder Bay's Prince Arthur Hotel is a survivor and still part of the city's skyline.

 September 15, 1939, Winnipeg Tribune

If bus travel is more your style, check out these1939 fares from the now defunct Grey Goose Bus Lines. Just $1.80 round trip to Winnipeg Beach and a pricey $6.50 to Deloraine.

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