Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Radio Edition for August 17, 2014 *Podcast

Nutty Club

Tonight, break out the Hawkins Cheezies and Jos Louis', we're going to be talking about the social history of Canadian snack foods with Janis Thiessen. She's also looking for people who were connected with the industry or who were on a local Old Dutch TV game show !

Show Links
- The Cranberry Portage train wreck of 1943
- A great bio of Winnipeg's Marjorie White 
- The Beatles' 1964 stopover in Winnipeg. See the video here and read a first-hand account here ! 
- More about the life and writings of Frederick Philip Grove
- A history of Towne Cinema 8

Coming Events
- West End bus tour of community gardens and historic places with me ! Thursday, August 28.
- Winnipeg General Strike Bike Tour, Saturday, August 30th.
- Winnipeg Architecture Foundation's Terra Cotta Walking Tour, Thursday, August 21.

Play List
- Potato Chips Sam Gaillard and his Bakers Dozen
- I'm on a Diet of Love Marjorie White, Richard Keene (Happy Days)
- In My Life The Beatles
- Not Guilty The Beatles

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