Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Radio Edition for August 24, 2014

Upper Fort Garry Gate

Tonight on West End Dumplings - The Radio Edition, Katie and I are joined by Jerry Gray, chairman of the Friends of Upper Fort Garry. We'll talk about the history of the site and the big development currently underway at main and Assiniboine.

Here are links to some of the other people and events that we will be mentioning briefly in the history portion of the show. These are just a smidge of what you will find daily at my blog This Was Manitoba:

- Winnipeg's Monty Hall, (see below for the interview link.)
- "Cartoon" Charlie Thorson's fonds are at the U of M
- "Your Pet, Juliette", also see CBC Digital Archives
- A history of Harlequin Romance
- The ManPop music festival of 1970 
- Harry Colebourn and Winnie the Bear (also)

The Play List

- Lucky Trapper Reel by Sierra Noble
- Winnie the Pooh by The Sherman Brothers
- Unscripted Monty Hall Interview (excerpt)
- Helter Skelter by Dianne Heatherington


Anonymous said...

Don't see the Aug24th podcast at the link you put here. Where is it?

Christian Cassidy said...

Hopefully it will be up Thursday. The station manager, who usually posts it for me, in on vacation this week !

Christian Cassidy said...

Podcast now up !