Monday, 23 June 2014

The rebirth of the Merchants Hotel

Merchants Hotel ca 1934 and 2011

Things are looking up for the 101 year-old Steiman Block, known to most as the Merchants Hotel.

It was purchased by the province in 2012 and transferred to a coalition of social service agencies who are looking to redevelop it into a community hub featuring education, retail and housing components. Earlier this month the "Merchants Corner" website was launched to showcase the project.

For more about the history of the building, check out my new Winnipeg Downtown Places post !

 Former Steiman Block / Merchants Hotel

P.S. When i was taking pictures of the building over the weekend for my history post, I noticed that on the tablet atop the building, the words "Steiman Block" are starting to come through. It's like it knows that its days as the merchants are over !

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