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WED - The Radio Edition Dec. 1 show links, play list and podcast !

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Here are links and a play list from the December 1, 2013 show. For more daily history entries, check out my This Was Manitoba blog each day !

Segment One: Today is World AIDS Day 

The first World AIDS Day was held in 1988. For United Nation's 2012 statistics on the HIV / AIDS epidemic. For the latest statistics from Manitoba.

The U of M and some Manitoba-based physicians were on the front lines in Kenya in the early 1980s, Portage la Prairie's Dr. Alan Ronald and Winnipeg's Dr. Frank Plummer to name just two. The U of M still has research faculties in Nairobi - take a tour here

Segment Two: Architecture 

A couple of Winnipeg buildings have significant anniversaries next week including Tec Voc High School, which opened December 3, 1951 and the former Salvation Army Citadel on Colony Street in 1961.

We are joined in-studio by Susan Algie from the Winnipeg Architecture Foundation to talk about upcoming events and initiatives. 

Segment Three: Crime and Politics 

The infamous Bloody Jack Krawchenko pulls his last bank robbery in Plum Coulee, Manitoba on December 3, 1913. A botched diamond heist at Porte and Markle on Portage Avenue leads to the arrest of a gang of notorious North American jewel thieves.

Women feature big in Manitoba's political history next week as Audrey McLaughlan is elected the first woman to lead a Canadian federal political party at the NDP's convention in Winnipeg on December 2 1989. Turn the clock back to 1921 and Jessie Kirk is the first woman elected to Winnipeg's city council. 

Segment Four: BIG Art and Showbiz 

In BIG art anniversaries... First World War II Soldier is unveiled at Portage and Main. The second portrait of the Queen is unveiled in the old Winnipeg Arena on December 7, 1979. Artist Giorgio Barone dies. He was responsible for many of the town mascots around the province including the Boissevain Turtle, Transcona's Hi Neighbour Sam and Gimli's Viking.

Three notable actors were born next week in Manitoba history. Donald Woods, born Ralph Zink in Brandon in 1904. Donnelly Rhodes, of Soap and DaVinci's Inquest fame, in Winnipeg in 1937. "Winnipeg's Sweetheart" Deanna Durbin was born in Winnipeg on December 4 1922. She went on to become Hollywood's highest paid star in the late 1930s and early 1940s until she suddenly retired for a life of seclusion in France. 

Play List:
Hush, Hush, Hush - Paula Cole w/ Peter Gabriel
Bankrobber - Greg MacPherson
Always - Deana Durbin
Americana - Deanna Durbin & Judy Garland

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