Thursday, 25 July 2013

West End Dumplings Radio - the non-radio edition

I told a fib on air last week. It turns out there wasn't going to be another show this week. West End Dumplings radio ends its run with a 1 and 3 record. 

I did have a show lined up, though. Here's my notes. If it went ahead this is sort of what it would have sounded like ...

Guest 1: Winnipeg Architecture Foundation
The WFF launched its website earlier this year. Since then it has continued to add material and events.

Song 1: Moody Manitoba Morning
For a generation of Manitoba schoolchildren Moody Manitoba Morning was inescapable - part of every music class and choir recital.

Written by WestMan's Rick Neufelld, it was a hit for Montreal-based group The Bells in 1969. I was never a fan of the Bells' version but in 2012 as part of the Manitoba Covers project, the pride of Kelwood, Manitoba, Alana Levandoski gave it a soulful remake.

Guest 2: West End BIZ Mural Tour Guide 

In 2010 Where magazine named it one of the best 10 outdoor activities in Canada. They're back and there are a couple of new murals ready to be unveiled.

Song 2: Marshall McLuhan Remix 2010.
Marshall McLuhan was born this week (July 21, 1911). He grew up in Winnipeg, graduating from Kelvin High School and the U of M. In the late 60’s he did a spoken word album, (note his great elocution, courtesy of Leone Mitchell). In 2010 New York's DJ Spooky gave it a remix.

Guest 3: History of Canadian Snack Foods
The University of Winnipeg's Janis Thiessen is researching the social history of Cnadian snack foods. She's starting in the right place considering that two of the grand-daddies of the industry started here: Old Dutch and Nutty Club.

Song 3: The Sultan
On July 23 1963 a band called The Squires had their first recording session at CKRC studios in Winnipeg. The most famous member of that band was a 17 year-old Kelvin High School student named Neil Young. Here is one of the songs recorded at that session.

Guest 4:  Sunshine House 
At the corner of Logan and Shrbrook is Sunshine House,  which largely serves street-involved and homeless people, many of whom have addictions and are affected by HIV. More about their services, Solvent Users Recreation Project‏, and upcoming community picnic at Duffering 

Song 4: Gonna Fly Now
On July 23, 1983 the Gimli Glider touches down. I couldn't find a song about a jet plane running out of fuel and being forced to crash land on a race track. So, here instead is Bill Conti's 1977 hit Gonna Fly Now

History Tidbits (Time Permitting)

July 24, 1992 - Percy Haynes dies. He and wife Zena ran the iconic Haynes' Chicken Shack on Lulu Street. Aside from its famous chicken, the restaurant became a musical hotspot, visited by the likes of Billy Daniels, Oscar Peterson and Harry Belafonte.  

July 26, 1881 - The first CPR train crosses the newly built Louise Bridge. It was a victory for Winnipeg who wooed the CPR main line away from Selkirk Manitoba with the promise of a free bridge and exemption fromm property taxes in perpetuity.

July 28, 1958 - Terrance Stanley "Terry" Fox is born in Winnipeg. He grew up in B.C.. His Marathon of Hope to raise money for cancer research ended before it could reach his birthplace when cancer claimed his life. 

Song 5: "Never Give Up On A Dream"
This song was co-written with Bernie Taupin and Rod Stewart. it was a tribute to Terry's Marathon of Hope. Proceeds from the song went towards cancer research. It was released in 1981, just month prior to the runners death. Never Give Up on a Dream.

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