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Buildings we lost, saved in 2012

It doesn't have to end this way for Winnipeg's heritage Buildings
Here is a look back at some of the buildings (and a couple of other built structures) that Winnipeg lost in the past year. They range from the grand scale of the Winnipeg International Airport to the garage-sized Henry Barber Shop.

Regardless of size or the amount of media attention their demise received, each of them told a part of Winnipeg's history. Sometimes it is in the back story of how it got built or who built it. More often it is about the people who lived or worked there - the new immigrant that ran a shop for decades or a family who lost children in the wars.

Once the bricks and mortar disappear, though, they often take their stories with them. At my West End Dumplings and Winnipeg Downtown Places blogs I have tried to capture as many of them as I could.

The Lost
 Sir Sam Steele School
Sir Sam Steele School
Chester Street (1918 - 2012)

Misericordia Hospital
Misericordia Hospital
Maryland South Building
Misericordia Hospital

Former McNamara Hall
Albert Einstein Apts / McNamara Hall
Spence Street (1959 - 2012)

Lonely House 5 - Albert Block
Albert Street Block
Albert Business Block
Albert Street (1877 / 1924 - 2012)
I wonder who worked here ?
Henry Barber Shop
Mountain Avenue (ca. 1930s - 2012)

764 Main Street
Yellow Warehouse Demolition
Stuart Manufacturing Building
Main Street (1910 - 2012)

Exterior, Teminal Building
Winnipeg International Airport Demo
Winnipeg International Airport
(1963 - 2012)

Criterion Hotel
Clarendon Hotel
Portage Avenue (1920 - 2012)

Kennedy / Mitchell Copp Building
Mitchell Copp Building facade
Kennedy Block / Mitchell Copp
Portage Avenue (1906 / 1919 - 2012)

Norlyn Building, Winnipeg
Norlyn Building Demolition
Norlyn Building
Hargrave Street (1903 / 1923 - 2012)
Included: Wagon Wheel Lunch (1951 - 2012)

Donalda Buidling
Donalda Building
Donald Street (1951 - 2012)

Alabama Building
Alabama Building Demoliton
Alabama Building
Ellice Avenue (1974 - 2012)

Winnipeg Chinatown
Coronation Block / Shanghai Restaurant demo
Coronation Block
King Street (1882 - 2012)

Grey Goose Bus Garage
Grey Goose Garage
Burnell Street (1925 /ca. 1970's - 2012)

Ship Graveyard
M.S. Lord Selkirk II
(1969 - 2012)
Ship History

 Disraeli BRidge Opens
Disraeli Bridge I 
(1960 - 2012)
Bridge History

Other demolitions included ViAnn Restaurant and Movie Village on Osborne Street. North Kildonan said goodbye to Springfield Heights Shopping Centre. The West End lost the former Christadelphian Church on Sherbrook, Miranda Foods on Notre Dame, former Walhalla Apartments on Sherbrook and Acme Blower on Arlington.

The Saved

Not all was lost, though. A wide array of buildings either began or completed significant renovations that will ensure that they live on for many decades to come. I will have histories of all of these buildings in the months to come.

Former Sovereign Building
Former Sovereign Life Building 
Broadway Avenue (1957)

Former Union Tower
Former Union Bank Tower
Main Street (1904)
Building History - Media

203 Kennedy Street
Ingram and Bell Block
Kennedy Street (1949)
Building History

Canada Building
Canada Building
Donald Street (1910)
Building History - Media

Antique Exchange
Bell Block
Princess Street (1905)
Building History - Media

Former Brick's Fine Furniture Building
Kemp Manufacturing Block
Lombard Avenue (1903)
Building History

"We Teach..." Building
"We Teach" Building
Pacific Avenue (unknown)
More information

Former Salvation Army Citadel
Salvation Army Citadel
Rupert Avenue (1901) 
Building History

 Metropolitan Theatre
Metropolitan Theatre
Donald Street (1920)
Building History 

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