Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Mural News: 2011 mural of the year & West End tours are back !

Some mural news ....

I was honoured to be one of the judges in The Murals of Winnipeg's 2011 Mural of the Year selection.

This year the overwhelming favourite was the Rainbow Stage mural at 2021 Main Street and why not ? This mural has it all. Immense scale, numerous scenes and beautiful artistry. From the distance the trees around act as a lush frame for the work. Unlike before, the building now draws people to it even when it is closed. Why did we put up with that ugly concrete wall for so long ?!

Congratulations to Mandy van Leeuwen, Michel St. Hilaire on their work !

For the record, here were my second and third choices from the 2011 crop:

168 Higgins Avenue I really love this mural. The scale, the artist's incredible attention to detail, the tribute to the craftsmen who created the historic rail station across the street and the great 3D effect on the south end. It took what was a bland, industrial intersection and gave it a wonderful splash of life.

452 Talbot Avenue This was a very long, very ugly wall at a major intersection. Painting greenery by a sidewalk and boulevard too narrow to plant the real thing does add a feeling of life. I love the design - it makes me wonder what really IS going on behind that wall !

This summer the West End Mural Tours are happening again. It's been a busy year - I can think of three new murals in just my little section of the West End alone. Take a guided tour of Ellice, Sargent or a joint tour of all 50 of them and learn more about the history of the West End !

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