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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Attention bus nerds: Farewell to the 300s

The orange and cream have been part of Winnipeg's transit landscape for over 60 years but the last of the 300 series of buses that carry that colour scheme are being going out of service.

The Manitoba Transit Heritage Association is having a farewell charter for the 300s on May 15. Details are in the poster above. If you are interested, see the contact information.

Deadline for registry is April 13.


Winnipeg Girl said...

Although I am not generally a transit user, I will miss those old buses! The bland white with a hint of colour buses that we have now just aren't the same and they blend in in winter - you couldn't help but see the old ones coming from a mile away.

Anonymous said...

I always thought those orange & white monsters were damn ugly. But, now that I hear they are gone; I will kind of miss them.

Shaun M. Wheeler said...

Damn it! If my wedding wasn't May 12th, I'd be there in a heartbeat!

mrchristian said...

Congrats Shaun ! Do you have a lot of guests to move ? Maybe the charter could swing by the church ;)

I always liked the orange colour. Most cities have their distinctive bus colours as part of the landscape and, yeah, to go form one of the most visible to no colour is too bad.