Saturday, 14 January 2012

A look back at 577 Sherbrook - Walhalla / Delrey Apartments

Sadly, another West End residential block has burned. This morning it was 577 Sherbrook Street just south of Sargent Avenue. At least two people have been taken to hospital.

Here is a look back at what little I could find about 577 Sherbrook.

Sherbrook Street, December 25, 1914Likely 577 Sherbrook(e) at top left, ca. 1914 (Source: winterbos)

August 1910, Manitoba Free Press

The first mention that I can find of 577 Sherbrooke is a Mrs. E. Peters living there in March 1910. Rental ads for the Walhalla Block appear later that summer.

This was the early age of middle class apartment blocks. There were dozens going up around the West End including 615 Sherbrook just a few doors down. I have found a couple of references to owners completing buildings on Sherbrooke between Sargent and Ellice (Paul M Clements, H. Peterson) but am unsure which one is responsible for the Walhalla.

November 10, 1930

November 24, 1930

ca. 1931

Between 1929 - 31 the building underwent a few changes. In 1929 Mrs. King, the owner, took out a permit for a few hundred dollars in improvements and soon after the name changed to the Edenwald Apartments. Months after it changed again to Delrey apartments, a name that lasted in to the 1980s.

After that it was simply known as 577 Sherbrook. It appears to have lived out the century in a fairly quietly. No major crimes, fires or famous incidents.

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