Friday, 13 January 2012

A final church service for St. Thomas in Lockport

St. Thomas Church

On Sunday, January 15, 2012, there will be a final church service at St. Thomas Anglican Church at Stevens Avenue and River Road in Lockport, (next to the old Skinner's.) The building will be sold off and the artifacts moved the the neighboring St. Andrews Church.

December 9, 1930, Winnipeg Free Press

Built as a 'chapel of ease', a satellite for those who could not make the journey to the main church, the site has seen a number of rebuilds and additions over the years. It appears that the oldest part of the current building is from 1905, though much of what you see was built in 1930.

St. Thomas Church

Below is a brief history from the notice of their 77th anniversary service published in the Winnipeg Free Press on January 15, 1944.

"St. Thomas' church originated in the early 1860's as a chapel of
ease for Little Britain parishioners. A log chapel was built on land
dedicated by Robert Steven and Thos. Truthwaite, and the donors and
community helped in the erection.

This little 1867 church was replaced in 1906 by a larger church, opened
by Archbishop S. P.'Matheson. The chancel was added in 1913 and a
memorial tower was built. In 1930 the church was reconstructed, and
its dedication, Dec. 7, 1930, was the last official act of Archbishop Matheson."

Winnipeg Free Press, January 15, 1944.

St. Thomas has no heritage designation. St. Andrews is a National Historic Site.


St. Thomas Church turns 138 Selkirk Journal


Shaun M. Wheeler said...

The missus and I were there in early autumn 2011, after lunch at Skinner's across the street. Pity we never poked our heads in to have a look.

Winnipeg Girl said...

Keep us posted if you hear when it comes up for sale - the last time I passed it I thought to myself it would be awesome to turn it into a house (a thought I of course have about tons of places, but a church has always been pretty high on the list).

Paul Preminger said...

As a kid living in Lockport, I and my brothers were boy scouts and we would meet in the basement of the church every week. Our Scout Master was H.A. (Bert) Warwick of Blue Bombers fame.

A great grandson of one of the founders of the church, Clarence Truthwaite was one of the scouts too.

Paul V. Picha-Preminger


Anonymous said...

Noticed that it is now for sale by Remax

Christian Cassidy said...

Thanks, anon. I thought the signs had come down for a while. That is too bad - I guess whatever idea there was for the space fell through. I hope it is being heated.