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Friday, 6 January 2012

Another downtown parking lot in play ?

Yesterday, Huntingdon Capital announced that it sold a large downtown surface parking lot for $5m. The land in question is 245 Graham between Smith and Garry, across from the former Canada Post Building.

Graham Ave

The major user of that lot was Canada Post. I wonder if the new owner of the building, the City of Winnipeg, were the ones to buy it as additional parking for the new Public Safety Building ?



The site was once home to the Winnipeg Tribune Building, which faced Smith Street. In both photos above you can see the new Canada Post building to the right.

The Tribune closed in 1980, the final tenants moved out in 1982 and the building was torn down in October 1983 to make way for a surface parking lot.
In 1994 the Lions Tribune Tower, a 250 unit, $12m seniors housing complex was to be built on the site but never materialized.

Update: here is a photo from 1970 showing the post office and Trib building from overhead.


John Dobbin said...

I think the police have been pretty consistent that they want that space across the street as a secure place to park their cars.

Some type of security parking is likely to go there.

Christian Cassidy said...

I imagine so. Same as Canada Post, they've got a big fleet of vehicles to park and internally that building just has their loading dock floor for parking which is big but by the time you stick a few cruisers and their specialized vehicles in there you'd be out of space.

I guess it wouldn't do for the bomb squad to have to run two blocks to fetch their vehicles from the city place parking lot !

Anonymous said...

Impark is hovering.

Christian Cassidy said...

Though i think it is already a lot managed by Impark, just that Canada Post had a monthly lease on about half the spots.

Christian Cassidy said...

I was right. Free Press was wrong :p

Christian Cassidy said...