Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Abbott Clinic Building is Sussex Realty's new home

Mall-Plaza Building Mall Plaza / Abbott Clinic
You may have noticed a change of bronze signs at the former Abbott Clinic Building / Mall Plaza on Memorial Boulevard. Next month Sussex Realty will be moving from Academy Road, their home since the company was created in 1978, to Memorial Boulevard.

Built in 1927 for the Dominion Business College, the commercial space has been vacant since 2006 when the Abbott Clinic closed. The 21-suite Mall Plaza, already managed by Sussex, will continue as residential units.

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Places Post


One Man Committee said...

It's great to see this beautiful building's future secured with a solid anchor tenant.

On a related note, it would be nice to see a little more development on the lots surrounding The Mall. Aside from the Buhler Centre, there hasn't been much built in that area since GW Life and One Canada Centre were built in the 80s... it would be nice to see something happen on the west side of Osborne St. North. (I wonder if there is any prospect that Inlett's plans for a new building at Osborne and York could one day be realized?)

mrchristian said...

I heard that the WAG is planning a redevelopment of the gallery's education space to the north of the building.

brent said...

possibly...they want to build an inuit gallery.....some pressure to do it in the bay building though.

mrchristian said...

Thanks for that. I guess that anything government-run that wants expanding or redeveloping around the downtown will be pressured into looking at the Bay building !