Friday, 23 December 2011

It's been quite a year for Brandon's water tower !

Brandon Water Tower
Find the water tower !

Talk about going from zero to hero ... I give you Brandon's circa 1930 water tower.

Decommissioned last decade, it was considered surplus to the city's needs and placed on their 2012 demolition schedule. A group of East End residents, who grew up the shadow of the structure, successfully campaigned to have it removed from the list at October's city council meeting.

Brandon Water Tower MHS

Fast forward a few weeks and the water tower is now on TV ! When locations were being scouted for a new Molson's ad celebrating winter and the game of hockey the water tower, which sits on the grounds of the East End Community Centre, was chosen !

The ad was released yesterday - eighty-one years almost to the day) after the tower first went into service. Check it out here and watch for the tower at the 38 and 50 second marks ! Here's a bit of inside information ... BRANDON was painted over for the and repainted soon after !

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