Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Transformations - 490 Hargrave

WRHA Building

WRHA Downtown Community Health Services Office on Hargrave Street.

WRHA on Portage

I have to give credit where credit is due. After a couple of dismal additions to the urban landscape, including plonking a multi-level parkade onto Main Street and this on Portage Avenue at Toronto (yes, this is a WRHA community office, not the rear view of an airport district warehouse or the new Women's Correctional Centre.)

The $5m building is actually owned by Hargrave Holdings. The WRHA has a 20 year lease.

Here's a look back at 390 Hargrave:

Google Street view, 2009 (link):

December 2010:
WRHA Building
February 2011:
April 2011 (rear):
WRHA building, Hargrave Street
July 2011:
New WRHA Building

WRHA Building
WRHA Building

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