Sunday, 9 October 2011

Some Thanksgiving Jets thoughts

Jets Night - Crowd outside MTS Centre

I wasn't one of the anointed ones with tickets to the game. I caught it outside at Portage and Main and and the Forks. Here are a few pics and thoughts.....

Jets Night at the Forks

My nice moment of the night was when I was walking down to Portage and Main in my vintage Jets jersey, (thank God I bought the extra large all those years ago). Walking through the West End, a group was coming toward me. Three boys, maybe six or seven years old, and a couple of older gentlemen. I'd guess they were Ethiopian.

As they got closer the kids broke out in unison "Go Jets Go ! Go Jets Go !" all excited waving their hands in the air and jumping up and down. The men smiled and shrugged as they went by.

I thought here's three kids who never knew the old Jets. They wouldn't have had tales of the old team (or likely any hockey at all) passed onto them by family members, yet they had Jets fever.

That was kind of a cool way to start the night.

Jets Night at Portage and Main

How classy was it to have Rick Rypien's mother do the ceremonial puck drop ? After Chipman and Thomson's years of work and tens of millions of dollars invested (and more to come) nobody would have batted an eye if either of them went for it or used the opportunity to ego-stroke some VIP. If it were me, I would have made an ass of myself letting people know what I had done.

A classy, touching way to start a franchise.

Jets Night - "Raj Binder" on stage

Shaun Majumder, as sweaty correspondent Raj Binder, taped a cute skit that will be used as the intro to Tuesday's episode of This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

Smoke from St. B

That fire in St. B turned out to be just a brush fire at the old Union Stock Yards. The smoke was so intense for a time (the above photos doesn't do it justice) it seemed a lot closer to The Forks, some worried that it might be coming from the Hospital or one of the high rises on Marion.

I don't get TSN 2 or wherever they have the games squirreled away so I'm now really looking forward to my first Jets home game, which will likely come some time in 2015 !

Oh, and here's the HNIC opening montage:

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