Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Construction / Reno Updates from September

Some photos from September 2011 of renos and new developments ....

Marina Style Safeway
Former Safeway
Safeway, Allice and Wall

I've been
chronicling the demise of the Winnipeg's first (circa 1964) "Marina Style" Safeway at Ellice and Wall. This week will be the last for the distinctive curved roof line.

Youth For Christ

Youth for Christ
Youth for Christ

Youth for Christ's new building is really coming along. I hadn't realized just how big it was going to be. It is set to open in October.

Braunstein Block
Braunstein Block, Be Canadian First Building !
Braunstein Block

Just up the road, one of Winnipeg's more unique neighbourhood buildings, the Braunstein Block, renovation is continuing. I will have a post on the history of the block in the days ahead.

The Maryland Hotel

Maryland Hotel Sign
Maryland Hotel

The nearly $2m in renovations to the Maryland Hotel are coming to an end. With the VLT, lounge and vendor already moved to a building at the other end of the parking lot, the final phase of its conversion into an Econolodge is underway. It is set to reopen in November.

PHAC Laboratory

Logan Lab
April 2011
September 2011

This is a $64 m project that has flown under the radar: the former JC Wilt Lab on Logan Avenue.

The Public Health Agency of Canada bought it a few years back with an eye to moving other Ottawa-based labs here. That idea faltered but the place will be used as an extension of the
Canadian Science Centre for Human and Animal Health (a.k.a. The Virology Lab) on Arlington, which has been tight on space for some time. (The CSCHAH itself is also undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation and expansion.)

Lombard Parkade

Lombard Parkade
Lombard Parkade

The structure of the parkade that sits where the Grain Exchange Annex was, is complete. They're working on the cladding.

Other Honourable Mentions from the summer:

Union Bank Tower addition
Union Bank Tower / Red River College
Former Scott Block
Scott Block, Main Street
New WRHA Building
WRHA, Hargrave Street


Anonymous said...

There is a also pretty big townhouse/rowhouse development going up on Higgins roughly across from Braunstein Block. Perhaps residences for the Aboriginal Centre campus?

Christian Cassidy said...

Yes, I noticed them as well. They are residences for the campus. That's more development Higgins has seen in a long, long time !

Anonymous said...

What are they doing with the Braunstein block?

Also, a few long-vacant apartment blocks are being renovated, at 30 Hargrave, 44 Hargrave and 519 Burnell (the big old block south of Ellice). Just hope it's not more Manitoba Housing.

Christian Cassidy said...

I couldn't find specifics on Braunstein's renos.

519 Burnell is in my neighbourhood. It's been slow going but they seem to be making progress on it. What an eyesore, it will be nice to have that open.

One of those Hargrave blocks seemed to have a cracked foundation. I was surprised it was being fixed up after sitting empty for so long.