Monday, 11 April 2011

Bunn's Creek: Feeling Mighty !

N. Kildonan Flooding
Another flood year and another chance for the normally 'trickly' Bunn's Creek to show that she can be a powerful force when she wants to be !

She's flowed over Bonner Avenue and you can see that the back flow from the Red is actually moving at a pretty good pace. The dike markers are in place in case it rises much more.

I'm sure there are some sleepless nights for those living near the creek watching it inch ever closer to their doors. Not everyone, though, seemed to have a problems with Bunn's new largess.

N. Kildonan Flooding
This family of mallards wondered what all the fuss was about.

N. Kildonan Flooding
As did these modern day voyageurs who took the opportunity to canoe the now mighty Bunn's. Above they can be seen portaging Rothesay Street.

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Graham said...

That Rothesay portage is a tricky one.