Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Carnegie Portrait at the Millennium Library

Millennium Library
I'm doing a little cross-posting here.

This week in my Winnipeg Downtown Places blog I look at the huge Andrew Carnegie portrait that hangs in the Millennium Library.

Carnegie Portrait
It was controversial from the beginning as the portrait was never commissioned by the city. Some tried to block the purchase, even contemplating court action. Decades later it was discovered in the boiler room in an empty building.

Somehow it managed to remain part of the city for 105 years !

To read the full history go here !


Reed Solomon said...

Say what you will about Andrew Carnegie, but the man supported libraries and that showed great wisdom. Nothing is more effective towards education and helping others than creating libraries. Heck, I consider the internet potentially one large chaotic library.

Brian said...

I was surprised that this post didn't include the story of how the painting got to where it is today, and why, given the controversy attached. :)

Or is that not widely known?

mrchristian said...

The paining was restored to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the old 'Carnegie library' building - sorry, that should have been in the main post at WDP. I will go over and insert it.

As far as the 99% of people know, including the city as it even says it on the plaque next to the painging, it was commissioned by the city. It was, after all 105 years ago.

A number of pieces of art from the city's collection were cleaned up or restored and hang on the wall at the expanded Millennium Library. In fact, there are at least two other V.A. Long works in the place.

Colin said...

Found in a boiler room, forgotten...wow.