Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Hurrah for London's New Double Decker !

London's sexy new double decker (source)
Earlier this month London Mayor Boris Johnson unveiled a prototype of the new double decker bus design that will hit London streets by 2012.

King's Cross
Since deregulating some of the transit system in the 1980s the streets of London had become a hodge-podge of bus designs. You were as likely to see an articulated bus than a double decker. The deckers you did see were of the bland, boxy Volvo variety.

King's Cross
London Transport Museum
London Transport Museum
For a city that had always combined iconic design and transportation though the Tube, Black Cabs and the Routemaster, it's nice to see a return of something absolutely, unmistakably London, (and being able to hop-on, hop-off again will be nice, too !).

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January 2012 UPDATE:
Bus Prototype Hits the Streets

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