Saturday, 20 November 2010

For Sale / Sold November 2010

My semi regular look at for sale and sold properties in and around Winnipeg. Click here for September.

Ever dream of being a small town hotelier and own a bar where, truly, everyone knows your name ? (And who you're sleeping with, and why your first wife dumped you and about that stupid trick you tried in high school that got you picked up by the Mounties etc., etc.). The historic Elm Creek Hotel is for sale for a mere $325k.

Mmmm... the North Star Drive INN on McGregor is for sale ! I've not been but from the reviews it seems like you'd have a legacy to live up to ! If year-round and suburban is more your style, Rally's in Elmwood is also for sale.

Former Salvation Army Citadel
Ah, the poor former Salvation Army Citadel. Like many of our heritage buildings she's been invited to the renovation dance but at the last minute was left sitting at home. A great looking building, a great location. It can be yours for $395k. Heck, maybe the Salvation Army could move back in !

Well, look who has been sold again. The Hample Building. Maybe with the neighbouring Avenue Building coming along nicely, this might be the Hample's chance at a new life. Stay tuned !

Need to move your staff to somewhere more inspiring ? How about this former church on Valour Road ! It has 5,000 square feet, nice tall ceilings and a couple of huge stained glass windows by Leo Mol. Buy it for $219k and, eventually, the windows could be worth more than the building !


- Aside from a few vacant residential lots, not much for sale on the city website. That must mean that someone has bought the old Kelvin CC site on Henderson.
- The Great Canadian Travel Company building on Fort is for sale.
- Step'n Out, formerly of the Exchange District and now on Provencher Boulevard is up for sale.
- Are the Aspers selling off Canwest Tower ?!?! No, wait a second...

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