Saturday, 13 November 2010

Combining elections and housing !

Election sign house !

I've worked on a number of election campaigns and there is sometimes the post-election issue of what to do with election signs. Often a candidate will keep them for another election but, for assorted reasons, they might not be needed or wanted.

On a couple of occasions I was contacted by high school drama teachers. Turns out the corrugated plastic is ideal for building sets. Lightweight, paintable and easy to store for reuse.

I found the above ingenious use of election signs in the yard of a house off of Bannatyne Avenue. A combination housing material and electoral history lesson ! I'll have to stop sometime and ask the guy how they hold up to the elements !


John Dobbin said...

Um, you want to approach this guy?

It is entirely possible that census takers are inside that building being consumed by the owner over a nice Chianti.


mrchristian said...

...or it could be a magical place inside, like Dr. Who's TARDIS !