Friday, 15 October 2010

Okay, who took the Market Square clock ? UPDATED !

The Exchange
June 2008, Old Market Square

Whenever a renovation project is set to start I like to go take pictures. This is in part so that I can do a 'before and after' photo display but also because you never know what amenities won't end up returning. This is the case with the recent Old Market Square renovations. The place got a top to bottom fix, everything from seating and sod to the stage itself but not everything made it back.

Old Market Square

I wrote a 'Missing Stuff Alert' last summer when buflyer noticed some heritage building shards were missing after the square reopened, (some returned as part of the Ed Letinsky memorial.)

Old Market Square, Winnipeg
Former clock location

I also noticed that the Exchange District clock was also nowhere to be found but I let it slide thinking that it might be waiting for electrical upgrades as part of The Cube which, at the time, was still under construction.

Losing the clock would be a shame. Like many Winnipeggers, I often find myself at Old Market Square to see stage performances or movies at Cinematheque. A public clock is a handy feature to have to get you where you needed to be on time and it made was a nice ornament for the park.

The Exchange in the Rain

This leads me to a question: where does this stuff go ? I certainly hope that they don't end up lost in the shuffle and an ornament for someone's back yard or cottage !

If you know where the shards or clock have ended up post a comment or email me at cassidy-at-mts-dot-net.

Update Oct 15: a media type did some digging to see what's up with the clock. It turns out that it IS in the possession of the Public Works Department and they are in discussions about when and where it will go back up !

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