Thursday, 1 July 2010

The park that Duff built

For most people Duff Roblin's legacy to the province is the Floodway. While researching Memorial Boulevard I found another place that Duff built: Memorial Park.
Memorial Park
Originally home to the University of Manitoba, in the 1960's it was slated to be the site of Winnipeg's City Hall - the city even purchased the land for that purpose. Roblin, though, preferred a better neighbour: a park dedicated not only to those who died in battle but to all who died building the province.

WFP July 14 1962

I found an interesting letter to the editor from back in the day written by prominent lawyer Aubrey Halter suggesting that the park be named instead for Duff Roblin. I think his letter seems very appropriate almost 50 years after it was first written.
Memorial Park
I wouldn't want to get into a fight with Vets groups but perhaps part of the park could be dedicated to the man who had it built and gave us one of downtown's most beautiful spaces. Roblin's Green perhaps ?

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