Sunday, 30 August 2009

Central Park Update

A couple of updates from Central Park.

The artificial turf is down !

Also, the stone work on Waddell Fountain is complete !


Spugsley said...

I gotta say, artificial turf seems like a really, really dumb idea. What the heck is wrong with good ol' CO2 absorbing GRASS?

mrchristian said...

I spoke to someone involved in the project because I was curious about that, too. They asked residents what they wanted and a soccer pitch was the thing (it was already being used unofficially as one anyway).

The turf allows them to play early and late in the year as well as when it's wet without tearing up the CO2 absorbing grass and having to send in diesel burning trucks and tractors to replace it on a fairly regular basis.

In the past, Central Park has had tennis courts and most recently horseshoe pitches so I guess the park has changed to suit different generations.