Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Old-School John Harvard

Winnipeg Free Press Oct 13, 1973

On his final day as L.G., here's a little old-school John Harvard ! 

Some John Harvard trivia for you: Harvard is not his real last name. According to the Weekend Magazine story below, he started out as John Heidman of Glenboro.

Winnipeg Free Press ca 1971

Winnipeg Free Press Sept 16, 1972

Weekend Magazine, February 5, 1977

 Winnipeg Free Press July 22, 1980

Of course, Harvard DID come back to do Information Radio and, in 1982, found himself back to television on CBC's 24Hours.

After 30 years in broadcasting, 18 of them with the CBC, John Harvard threw his hat into the political ring becoming Member of Parliament for Winnipeg-St. James in 1988. He would serve for 15 years.

He was appointed Manitoba's 23rd Lieutenant Governor on June 30, 2004 and served until 2009.

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UPDATE: John Harvard dead at age 77

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